21 DIY fairy garden ideas (2024)

Fairy gardens are the sweetest DIY projects that bring smiles to faces of all ages. Whether you spot one on your woodland walk or your kids discover one in the backyard, fairy gardens help to keep childhood wonder alive. Magical creatures deserve a warm, cosy home too! There's plenty of ways you can build a fairy garden, the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

If you're strapped for time then these fairy garden kits and fairy doors to buy and make are perfect for quickly setting up. However, if you'd rather take the DIY route then this is the article for you. We've gathered over 20 fairy garden ideas to inspire and enchant. We've got everything from tiny teepees to popsicle stick homes so you can build your very own fairy world in your garden.

Your backyard fairy garden ideas

1. Fairy BBQ

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (1)

Fairies love BBQs too! Set up a tasty summer treat for your magical friends with Fairy Garden DIYs mini BBQ tutorial. They show you how to turn a cap and some wire into a BBQ fit for fairy food.

2. Bucket fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (2)

Repurpose a tin bucket into a sweet fairy garden with Aidies Hideaway tutorial. Pop some plants, stones and a mini mushroom house make the garden and home. We love the fact this tutorial uses real plants so with time, the garden will become wild!

3. Beach fairy garden

Give your fairies a trip to the beach with Garden Answer's YouTube channel. We love this twist on a traditional fairy garden and we just know kids will love it. A little sand and some aquarium accessories can go far!

4. Woodland fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (3)

The Magic Onions site holds an annual fairy garden competition. This pretty little scene was 2014's winner and we can see why. We love the little handmade accessories like the tiny hammock, bunting and garden furniture. Head over to the Magic Onions blog to see close-ups of all the handmade elements.

5. Flower basket fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (4)

Flower baskets made perfect fairy gardens and can be hung or snuggled into the bushes for all creatures. Echos of Laughter made this lovely fairy garden which is full of plants and some mini chairs for the fairies to admire their garden.

6. Teacup fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (5)

Upcycle old teacups into fairy homes with the Instructables tutorial. This is the tiny fairy garden of dreams! We love the popsicle stick ladder and bench.

7. Welcome fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (6)

The Magic Onions have lots of fairy garden ideas for kids on their blog. Get your kids to welcome the fairies into your garden by making a little banner and notes.

8. Broken pot fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (7)

Design and Dazzle have some great fairy garden ideas on their blog. We love the idea of repurposing a broken pot into a garden with steps. Add trailing plants and some moss for a woody touch.

9. Pebble fairy house

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (8)

Every fairy needs a home to shelter from the shade. Sewing Bee Fabrics shows you how to turn little pebbles into this enchanting cottage. Add moss to the roof and dig a tiny hole to make a fairy pond.

10. Popsicle stick fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (9)

Turn popsicle sticks into delicate fairy homes with The Magic Onions. This tiny home looks like a fabulous place to live don't you think? Once you've built your fairy home use your spare materials to make our popsicle crafts.

11. Paper mache fairy house

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (10)

How incredible is this fairy home? Beneath the Ferns crafted this beauty from paper mache which gives it a rustic, lived-in look.

12. Natural material fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (11)

Tinkerbell would be proud of this fairy garden. Made from natural materials, it's perfect for worker fairies needing a well-earned break. Glue rocks and shells together to make tiny baths and turn twigs into brooms and windows. Turn your spare materials into some natural Christmas decorations while you're here.

13. Fairy camping

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (12)

Beneath the Ferns has another adorable fairy scene for you to make. Crochet a tiny blanket, sew a tiny teepee and let your fairies experience camping. This is such a sweet spin on the traditional fairy garden and we know kids will love it. It's a great stash buster project too!

14. Fairy mound

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (13)

Go all-natural with your fairy garden and make a fairy mound! Use your hands to form a mound and fill it with moss for fairy bedding. Simple Practical Beautiful show you how they made their fairy cave on their blog.

15. Fairy treehouse

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (14)

Turn a bird box into a fairy home with Mommy Moment's tutorial. Pop it on top of a foraged tree stump to make it into a treehouse and to give your garden some height.

16. Tree stump fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (15)

Tree stumps make the perfect natural object for a fairy home. Add accessories like The Magic Onion has and let little ones discover this new world.

17. Mushroom fairy house

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (16)

Pixie Hill is a blog full of fairy garden ideas but this one is our favourite. Add a little door (we have a similar in our fairy door roundup) under a mushroom for an instant adorable home. How incredible would this be to stumble across in the woods?

18. Succulent fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (17)

A bench, a bridge and surrounded by succulents? It's a fairies dream resting spot! We love how the succulents look like miniature trees.

19. Pumpkin fairy garden

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (18)

Pumpkins are more than scary Halloween decor! They can make fab fairy homes. Adventure in a Box shows you how to make loads of different kinds of pumpkin homes on their blog.

20. Solar powered fairy house

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (19)

Make your fairy garden glow with Creative Green Living's DIY. This clever tutorial shows you how to take a simple garden light and turn it into a mini home. We love that it's eco-friendly, made from natural materials and weatherproof!

21. Faux brick fairy house

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (20)

We just know all the magical forest creatures will love this little red brick home. Fairy Garden DIY shows you how to construct this little home using styrofoam. We love the tiny doorknob and fern roof.

We hope you've enjoyed our fairy garden ideas! For more magic check out our free magical fairy printables, fairy cross stitch patterns and our how to make fairy wands for kids tutorial.

21 DIY fairy garden ideas (2024)
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