Regal Amc Near Me (2024)

1. Regal: Movie Showtimes & Movie Tickets

  • Movie Theatres Near You · Movies · Regal Theatres Store · Regal Crown Club

  • Regal offers the best cinematic experience in digital 2D, 3D, IMAX, 4DX. Check out movie showtimes, find a location near you and buy movie tickets online.

2. Movie Theatres - Find Nearby Showtimes and Tickets - Regal

  • Regal LA Live · Regal Rancho Del Rey · Regal Oceanside · La Habra

  • Find a Regal Movie theatre near you, select local movie showtimes, and buy movie tickets online.

3. How to watch movies for as little as $1 this summer - WJBF

  • 20 uur geleden · AMC Theaters brings back summer movie camp with $3 movies.

  • The temperature is rising in much of the United States this week, and a dark, air-conditioned theater beckons as cinemas roll out summer deals.

4. AMC Altamonte Mall 18 - Movie Times at AMC Theatres

  • 10 uur geleden · Adult Supervision Required Fri-Sun (Under 18, 7pm). 7:30pm. Dolby Cinema. COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING. AMC Signature Recliners. Reserved Seating.

  • View AMC movie times, explore movies now in movie theatres, and buy movie tickets online.

5. Epic Theatres of Ocala with Epic XL

6. Now Playing Lincoln Mall 16 - CW Theaters

  • 179 min. This movie opens on 6/16/2024. See All Showtimes · Play Trailer.

  • 622 George Washington Highway Lincoln, RI 02865 CWTheaters: 401-333-8019 Lanes & Games: 401-288-3543

7. Regal Spartan Stadium 16 Movie Times - Spartanburg, SC

  • Regal Spartan Stadium 16 Showtimes · 855 Spartan Blvd, Spartanburg, SC 29301 - (844) 462-7342. All movie times are subject to change by ...

  • Theater listings and movie times for Regal Spartan Stadium 16. All movie times are subject to change by local theater.

8. Galaxy Theatres Riverbank | Movie Theatre

  • Now Playing in Riverbank. 2525 Patterson Rd., Riverbank, CA 95367. June 16 Today. June 17 Tomorrow. June 18 Tuesday. June 19 Wednesday. June 20 Thursday.

  • Galaxy Theatres is a fully integrated movie theatre company with theatres in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and Washington. See what is playing at a Galaxy Theatre near you!

9. Movies – Ashley Park Newnan

10. Showtimes - Palmyra - Flagship Cinemas

  • 730 Center St Auburn, ME 04210. Showtimes (207) 786-8605. Box Office (207) 786 ... Showtimes for Saturday June 15, 2024. Palmyra , PA. Camp Flagship 2024 · Sound ...

  • About Flagship Cinemas Gift Cards Newsletter

11. When is this movie really going to start? I've been here half an hour.

  • 27 dec 2023 · Patrons arrive to see a film at the AMC 16 theater in Burbank, Calif., in March 2021. ... Regal voice of God told us to silence our cellphones ...

  • I counted a dozen commercials before the voice of God told us to silence our cellphones and “enjoy the show” — after which came more ads and then movie previews.

12. Regal Simi Valley Civic Center & IMAX Movie Showtimes & Tickets

  • offer icon Save $8 on Despicable Me and Minions Films When you buy a ticket to Despicable Me 4 ... See more theaters near Simi Valley, CA. Offers. SEE ALL OFFERS.

  • Find movie tickets and showtimes at the Regal Simi Valley Civic Center & IMAX location. Earn double rewards when you purchase a ticket with Fandango today.

13. Movies Playing at Regal UA Oxford Valley - Langhorne - Simon

  • Get showtimes, watch trailers and buy tickets to all of the movies now showing at Oxford Valley Mall®

  • Showtimes at Oxford Valley Mall®

14. Opinion | 'Civil War' and Its Terrifying Premonition of American Collapse

  • 12 apr 2024 · Alex Garland's film isn't nearly as apolitical as its critics say ... me a little glib and cynical, as if he wanted to make a hugely ...

  • Alex Garland’s film isn’t nearly as apolitical as its critics say.

15. 2024 Regal amc theaters TN Downingtown, -

  • 5 uur geleden · ... nearby hollywood palms cinema studio movie grill wheaton cinemark seven bridges naperville ... me focus diagramhome depot garden adcraigslist ...

16. After Death | Now Streaming for Angel Guild Members

  • Duur: 3:34Geplaatst: 8 dec 2023

  • Answer life’s biggest question with After Death. A cinematic masterpiece that explores what happens after we die.

17. Civil War movie review & film summary (2024) - Roger Ebert

  • 10 apr 2024 · ... me a break. And would someone like to explain to me why the ... near articles that mention Donald Trump's name a certain amount of times ...

  • Whatever you're expecting, this movie will give you something else.

Regal Amc Near Me (2024)


What days are movie tickets cheapest? ›

Discount Tuesdays benefits are available anywhere AMC tickets are sold. That means you can get discounted tickets on Tuesdays at any of our participating theatres, on our website or mobile application, and on third-party ticketing sites Fandango and Atom Tickets.

Are Regal Cinemas and AMC the same? ›

Regal CineMedia merged with AMC Theatres' National Cinema Network in 2005 to form National CineMedia. In effect, this was a takeover of NCN by Regal CineMedia, as Kurt Hall stayed on as CEO and AMC adopted Regal's preshow. Regal owned 50% of the new company before it went public.

How much is a movie ticket in NJ? ›

Ticket Pricing
Evening (6:00 pm and after)Matinee (before 6:00 pm)
Children (3-11)$10.75$10.75
Seniors (62+)$11.75$10.75
VIP Luxury - Adult$14.50$12.50
13 more rows

What does AMC stand for? ›

AMC General Info

What does AMC stand for? AMC stands for American Multi-Cinema and is not in affiliation with the cable television station, AMC. Was this information helpful? Why do some AMC locations say "Loews"?

What day is 2 for 1 cinema tickets? ›

Enjoy big-time savings on big-screen entertainment with Meerkat Movies and ODEON. Grab 2-for-1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a whole year when you buy a qualifying product* from Here's how to get your code and buy tickets.

Is it cheaper to go to the movies in the morning? ›

Morning movies are cheaper, and less crowded, and overall more enjoyable. They're an indulgence that still allows for productivity, a way to relax that still leaves you time to get everything you need done that day.

What did AMC theaters used to be called? ›

The History of AMC. 1920 - Maurice, Edward and Barney Dubinsky purchase the Regent Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri. 1961 - Stanley Durwood becomes CEO of the company and renames it American Multi-cinema. 1962 - AMC opens the world's first multiplex, the Parkway Twin in Kansas City.

Can I use an AMC gift card at Regal? ›

Regal and AMC are two different companies, even competitors. Regal memberships and gift cards don't work at AMC, and AMC gift cards and memberships won't work at Regal.

What is the best movie theater popcorn? ›

Cinemark Theatres

Cinemark edges ahead of AMC and Regal because it pops its corn in canola oil, which is nonhydrogenated and (relatively) lower in fat than other oils. Plus, anyone who makes stovetop popcorn at home can tell you it's the canola oil, not the butter, that gives popcorn its signature savory taste.

How much is one movie cost? ›

The cost of making an average Bollywood film typically ranges from $2 million to $10 million. However, high-budget films can exceed this range, sometimes reaching up to $25 million or more, depending on factors such as star cast, production scale, and special effects.

How do you go to the movies on a budget? ›

A Budget Movie Experience: 10 Ideas for a Night Out
  1. Discount Days. Take advantage of advertised discount days at the theater for lower ticket prices. ...
  2. Matinees. ...
  3. Budget Snacks. ...
  4. Purchase a Movie Pass. ...
  5. Pay Attention to the Online Fees. ...
  6. Loyalty Clubs. ...
  7. Buy Discounted Ticket Packages. ...
  8. Summer Movie Clubs for Kids.

How much does it cost to attend a movie? ›

The average movie ticket cost $11.75 in 2022, according to EntTelligence, a research firm. In New York, prices reach $28, depending on the format. A small popcorn at AMC Lincoln Square costs $10 with tax.

How can I get an AMC for free? ›

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of AMC+ on The Roku Channel. After your trial ends, you will automatically be billed $8.99/month or $83.99/year for the annual plan, plus applicable taxes.

Can a 17 year old buy 2 Rated R tickets? ›

For films rated “R” by the MPAA:

REG will not sell tickets to any person under the age of 17 (18 where applicable). A person must be at least 21 years old in order to purchase multiple tickets without providing additional photo I.D. for additional tickets.

What does AMC cost? ›

Subscribing From Our Website or Apps Ad-free Monthly Plans The standard monthly cost of AMC+ is $8.99 (plus tax).

Which day is the cheapest to go to the cinema? ›

Tuesday is the most frequently discounted day for major chains in the US… but check with your local theater as that is subject to vary based on the theater chain and location.

What day are cinema tickets cheaper? ›

The cheapest days to go are always Monday to Thursday. Most cinemas have lower prices on these days, and cheaper still before 5pm. So it's worth looking to see what your local cinema offers.

What day is the cheapest to go to AMC? ›

AMC offers its Stubs members the ability to get discounted $5 or $6 tickets every Tuesday, and AMC Stubs members can now get their discounted tickets directly through Atom!

Why are movies discounted on Tuesdays? ›

Probably because it was the lowest grossing day of the week (and this likely goes back to people renting a new video release on a Tuesday instead of going to the theater) so they lowered the prices that day to get people to come.

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