SeatGuru Seat Map Lufthansa (2024)

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/09/03 for Seat 31A

Seat 31A is quite cramped as the side wall lining is quite massive in the emergency door surround. While seats 31 B and C have normal recline (just a curtain behind) Seat 31A has limited recline, due to the attachment of the curtain to the wall.The toilet is far enough away to be of no special concern. There is no light from the toilet which would be especially disturbing on night flights.I can not understand why LH is charging extra for this seat officially being in a "preferred zone"

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/05/27 for Seat 29H

Row 29 is great, lots of legroom, no problem to put your handluggage under the seat in front of you and still fully stretch your legs. Premium economy seat backs in front recline far, reducing available space and makin it hard to leave the seat during flight.In that area of the plane 3 windows are missing due to air condinioning ducts running along the sidewall, for seat 29H this means you need to lean forward a bit to have a view to the window. On the other hand this makes it very comfortable to rest your head against the wall for sleeping. Airflow in the ducts and in the plenum above however makes this area of the aircraft fairly noisy. Air conditioning noise clearly dominates over engine noise.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/03/22 for Seat 24A

This my nightmare to fly this plane (I am frequent fl.) . It is impossible to fly in Economy more then 8 h . There is no place for legs - best if the passenger would not have legs and the position of the passenger is the worst possible - just to break your back bone. Premium Economy is however good. My dreams: why do not construct seats like drawers and put all in horizontal. But...! Please no buts - engineers invent how to do it to be horizontal but at the same time being able to sit for meal. If impossible I will quit the meal...

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/03/21 for Seat 53A

Standard seat but airplane frame starts to get narrower at this point, so leg/feet room under seat in front is limited by 25-30%.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/10/20 for Seat 27K

This is not a good seat. I flew it on 25/26 Sep 2018 YVR-FRA.I paid for P/E, but there is no separate P/E cabin, or even a proper divider (just a quarter-height screen). So, I could at once see that Economy pax immediately behind received exactly the same meals, service, etc., as P/E. 0nly their seats were slightly narrower. My seat was very uncomfortable (I ended up sitting on folded blanket, and even my inflated neck roll, to ease pain). Impossible to get out of this seat without either disturbing or climbing over pax in 27H. A bassinet was fixed to bulkhead at front of P/E cabin and an economy pax was brought forward to sit there with her infant - which screamed most of night! No headphones provided, only cheap earbuds. Poor service overall. Unimpressed. Not value for considerable extra money paid.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/07/17 for Seat 1A

Overhead bins for the front 3 rows are not as big as standard bins and do not fit standard hand luggage sizes for LH.

Submitted by Paul P on 2017/11/06 for Seat 54B

I flew in this seat on a FRA>SEA trip and to me, this seat is GREEN. it is located directly behind 53B, but as there is no 54A, you have an empty foot well in which you can store your personal item giving you a completely empty foot well yourself to enjoy for the flight. While the padding is a bit thin for a 9+ hour flight, the soft product that Lufthansa provides is excellent. I would have no problem flying this seat on a transatlantic long-haul again.

Submitted by Paul P on 2017/11/06 for Seat 24E

I paid for an upgrade to Premium Economy from SEA>FRA and ended up in this bulkhead seat. For me at 6'-3" it was far less comfortable than a standard coach seat. While the extra padding was nice, I found the legroom to be so restricted as to make this seat completely undesirable. In the future, if these seats were all that was available in PE, I would opt for coach any day.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/08/04 for Seat 4A

I normally fly Air Canada business class, and didn't check the seat configuration (or realize it was a LH flight). 4A is a window seat. When the neighbouring aisle seat is occupied by a stranger, who promptly falls asleep, you are stuck! You either have to wake them up, or climb over them (rather inappropriately). Fine seat if you are flying as a couple.... As it was, I was stuck in my seat for 6+ hours.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/09 for Seat Row 29

All seats in row 29 provide extra legroom.Row 29 has the same seat-spacing to row 28 as in premium economy class.There is no bulkhead between the two rows, just a small divider above the seats.Only possible downside is a minimally reduced seat width due to the monitors and tray tables which are stored in the armrests.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/28 for Seat 42C

Not very comfortable seat. Because the reclination is limited due to the presence of galley. Very noisy due to the presence of crew with the trolleys in the galley. Would not recommend this seat.

Submitted by Nicolas F on 2016/08/11 for Seat 1K

Is considered as a preferred seat but is actually narrow as it is located at the extreme of the nose of the 747.

Submitted by Ron R on 2016/08/09 for Seat 29h

Row 29 has rigid seat dividers and are extra narrow. Legroom is great, width is uncomfortable. The light will not light up this seat and there are no individually controlled air vents.

Submitted by Rasmus A on 2016/01/17 for Seat 16K

Great seat, I am not extremely tall (1.79 m) but I could almost fully extend my legs. Lots of knee space. Even though it is a window seat I could go to the bathroom any time without disturbing the other passengers in my row. Recommended.

Submitted by J-f G on 2015/10/10 for Seat 24D

Seat 24D is offset to the corridor and therefore more of a red seat than a yellow, as not only is the galley very close, your feet are actually in the galley/iorculation

SeatGuru Seat Map Lufthansa (2024)
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